Mo Farah was one of the biggest stars of the 2012 London Olympics.  He was a hero in his home country after winning 2 gold medals, a household name around the world this summer, and the subject of a famous and fantastic internet meme.

But not everyone knows Mo Farah.  Farah won the Rock N Roll New Orleans half marathon Monday in a record time of 1:00:59.  He then appeared on local New Orleans television with WDSU for an interview with LaTonya Norton.  Norton asked Farah, record setting New Orleans half marathon champ and TWO TIME OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST, "Haven't you run before?  This isn't your first time?"


It's like asking LeBron James if it's the first time he dunked a basketball.  Amazingly, Farah has the grace to not run away from the interview, even saying he's "got to learn a lot and train more."  The anchor then proclaims in an awestruck way that Farah is "off to a great start", presumably to his running career.

Look out world, Mo Farah may be a name to watch bursting onto the scene in 2013!  You heard it here first!


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