The Blackhawks beat the Bruins 6-5 on an overtime winner from Brent Seabrook in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final to tie the series at 2-2.  It was one of the great Stanley Cup Final games in memory and the dramatic sudden death finish was just the capstone to an instant classic.

If you were watching the game in Austin, Texas on KXAN, there was just one slight problem.

You missed Seabrook's winning goal thanks to a botch of equally epic proportions.  The network cut away from the action to run a promo spot for its morning show, followed by a commercial and only returned to see the Blackhawks celebrating.  Eep.

And just to add insult to injury…

Can't wait for the story on tomorrow's morning news about the angry feedback from viewers who missed the end of the hockey game because of one local station's screwup.

UPDATE: KXAN posted this link to their Facebook page minutes before missing the Seabrook game winner.  There are no words…

UPDATE II: And here's the KXAN apology via andrewfelts

Massive h/t to ckelley for the video

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