During Monday's Flyers-Islanders game at Nassau Coliseum, MSG announcer Howie Rose called the Phillie Phanatic a "washed-up, overrated hack" as the camera showed Mr. Met hugging a fan during the first intermission. Rose also mentioned that Mr. Met was "America's favorite mascot according to a national poll", leading to his slander of the Phanatic.

Now, I'm assuming Rose is referring to this article exploring the Davie-Brown Index where Mr. Met was named the top mascot in sports. The problem is, that poll was from nearly a year ago. with the results being published at the end of last April. A lot has happened in the ten months since, and it'll be interesting to see if Mr Met retains his title going into the 2013 MLB season.

I also like how the Islanders announcer was trying to throw some kindling on the fire of a rivalry between them and the Flyers. (Of course, Rose is also the announcer for the Mets and wouldn't mind throwing a needle towards the rival Phillies.) The Islanders haven't escaped the basement of the Atlantic division since the 2006-2007 season, while the Flyers have made the playoffs every year since that since. But Philadelphia's win today actually pulled them two points ahead of the Islanders for last place in the division, so maybe a rivalry of mediocrity can take off over the rest of the season.

[Broad Street Hockey]

About Joe Lucia

I'm the managing editor of Awful Announcing and the news editor of The Comeback. I also made The Outside Corner a thing for six seasons.

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