Just when you thought ESPN was the only network out there trotting out an endless array of debate shows, this trailer for a new MLB Network show popped up during the World Baseball Classic… and I've lost all faith in humanity.

The new show is called MLB Now, will debut on Opening Day of the MLB season, April 1st, and will feature Brian Kenny and Harold Reynolds arguing "new school" vs "old school" in regards to various topics throughout the league. 

This could be good… if anyone but Reynolds was put against Kenny on the show and the show didn't lazily adopt a "new school vs old school" tagline. Kenny hosts a show called Clubhouse Confidential (which hopefully hasn't been eliminated in favor of this), and is very good at facilitating discussions among more sabermetrically inclined guests. Him debating Reynolds will likely remind me of Ketih Law running circles around Rob Parker last September on SportsCenter, with less hostility (from Parker) and snark (from Law).

I have to wonder why MLB Network is going in this direction. Did they see the ratings First Take was pulling in, and felt the need to come up with their own version, despite popular opinion being firmly against the forced debate format?

I can predict how nearly every debate is going to end up: Kenny provides relevant statistics and knowledge, while Reynolds spouts off cliche after cliche that he thinks proves his point perfectly.

Hopefully, Fox Sports One doesn't "embrace debate" when they launch in August. Be an actual alternative, not an alternative in name only.

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