Local news pieces previewing a football game from a specific bar or restaurant usually aren't all that notable, but apparently no one told the staff at Minneapolis NBC affiliate KARE-11. Reporter Lee Valvsik starts this report in typical fashion at the rooftop bar of the Union restaurant (where the menu is apparently "the culmination of a life lived for food") and talking about how executive chef Jim Christiansen was going to "grill us up some salmon with red wine oxtail sauce." Then, things get a little weird. Watch what happens when Valvsik gives the football to the bar's mixologist, Johnny Michaels (can we call him Johnny Mixologist?), who then throws a pass to a man Valvsik later identifies as "Craig, our camera guy":

Yes, that's right, Craig The Camera Guy catches the football and suddenly gallops across the rooftop and plows through Valvsik, sending her flying into a table filled with glasses. An underratedly hilarious aspect of this is her yelling "I'm okay!" from the ground just as the station cuts out of the live report. Fortunately, Valvsik wasn't hurt, and her sense of humor was clearly still intact. When the station comes back to her, she's inside the restaurant and reinforces that she's okay, before saying that Craig "thinks he's AP (Adrian Peterson), and who's stopping him? I'm not stopping him, even though I am wearing Jared Allen's jersey!" Good for Valvsik and Craig the camera guy, who combined to provide more entertainment than the entire Vikings team did in their 24-10 loss to Green Bay Saturday. If every local news report from a restaurant's like this, I might actually start watching them again…

[H/T: Maggie Hendricks at Shutdown Corner]

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