In the world of sports parody accounts, there's few better than @MikeFrancesaNY.  The account quotes and channels the WFAN radio kingpin in hysterical, authentic regional dialect.  The real Mike Francesa is not on Twitter and considers it a world of perilous evil, but he usually stays above the fray.  That changed yesterday after the New York Daily News quoted @MikeFrancesaNY in the paper.  For whatever reason, that caused Francesa to put the parody account on red alert.  The next time they cross the sleepy one and make him look bad, he's going to drown the operators of the account in a giant vat of Diet Coke… or something.  Mike Francesa will not be made to look like a fool by a popular parody account!

Seriously though, would it really be all that bad to out the identity of @MikeFrancesaNY?  These guys should be revealed to the masses, so we can thank them for contributions to Twitter and society!

This is why we love Mike Francesa, though – mafia don style threats to parody Twitter accounts.  You have to think Mikey has already sent the people behind @MikeFrancesaNY a dead fish or two.

Video via Cork Gaines

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