MIke Francesa calls the Sunday Night Football, "Waiting All Day for Sunday Night" the "stupidest song that was ever created."  In actuality, Francesa's logic is… correct!  America does watch football all day on Sundays, so really only fans of the particular teams playing on Sunday night would be waiting for the game, but maybe that's just overanalyzing the situation.  (Although I suppose anything more than five words would be overanalyzing the situation.)

In truth, the SNF theme may be the best thing we have going right now, what with Hank Williams Jr. jettisoned from Monday Night Football and the revolving door at NFL Network.  Besides, how could anyone hate anything involving Carrie Underwood?  

Stupidest song ever created might be harsh.  Did Mikey completely miss Cee Lo Green covering The Ramones last year?

Via Jimmy Traina