The power went out yesterday at WFAN in the morning, but thankfully order was restored in time for Mike Francesa to entertain the masses with another clip for the blooper reel.  When discussing NFL players behaving badly (which seems like a mandatory topic for the dog days of July, even when there aren't NFL players arrested on murder charges) a caller wanted to shed light on a story about JJ Watt being a good guy.  

This greatly confused the pope… and then his listeners as he started talking about JC Watts, former Sooners quarterback and Oklahoma congressman.  Let's clear a few things up… Texans DE JJ Watt was not a former quarterback, nor was he a congressman, nor did he make it big in the oil business (as far as I know).  At least we know there was a time when Francesa actually did watch college football, I guess his knowledge of JC Watts justifies his Heisman vote.

Video via the great WFAN Audio

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