Is the Michelle Beadle vs Erin Andrews feud from the days of yore still a sensitive subject? 

Earlier today, Beadle was interviewed by Sam Roberts of the Opie & Anthony Show when the focus shifted to Twitter. Roberts suggested that Beadle should buy followers to get to a million (because 2013 is the year of self-validation through social media, right??)

Beadle implies she knows someone who did that but won't say who, but that the person doesn't like her. Someone finally guesses Erin Andrews and Beadle IMMEDIATELY says, "I don't know that person," and follows it with a thumbs down after she admits to knowing OF Andrews.

The GIF version of Beadle's true feelings regarding Andrews via Guyism is even better:



The particulars of the Beadle-Andrews feud have never been revealed publicly by either woman, but its no secret that some sort of rivalry, whether professional or personal, exists between the two. Now that they're working at different networks and not under the same ESPN umbrella, it's nice of Beadle to provide countless blogs with all the hits that come from posts about the revival of the feud.


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