Olympic medalist McKayla Maroney is known for two things:

1) Her unimpressed face that launched an internet meme and Tumblr page.

2) Her Olympic medals.

Maroney has willingly participated in this meme explosion, which has lasted far longer than it had every right to last. Her latest foray into not being impressed is via a 7-Up Ten commercial with Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel.

In addition to not being able to get her last name right ("Macaroni"), Guillermo, bless his heart, gives us about 15 seconds of truly awful, yet hysterical, "gymnastics." Behold:


Maroney is rightfully unimpressed with Guillermo's moves, but IS impressed with the drink he presents to her: 7-Up 10.  It's great that Maroney has been a willing participant in this meme. She's using it to her advantage with class and a sense of humor. It's also keeping her in the spotlight.

[Holdout Sports]

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