Here's a shocking headline from the sports world yesterday.  Ole Miss sharpshooter/loose cannon Marshall Henderson was suspended indefinitely by the university yesterday.  CBS reports it was for a failed drug test.  Stunning.  I'll give you a moment to recollect yourselves and sit down.  (Wait, you're sitting down already?  Good.)

While Henderson getting in trouble again isn't quite a surprise, there was this little tweet exchange between @NativeFlash22 and Fox's Erin Andrews.  Maybe EA, a Florida alum, had Henderson doing a mock Gator chomp during this year's SEC tournament in mind when she fired a shot in his direction.  And, as only Marshall Henderson could, he had this response, complete with a cat emoticon…

I'm actually interested to see what his plan is, maybe Fox will add him to their college football studio show to stir up controversy. I mean they put Clay Travis on there, so anything is possible.

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