When a tweet from Mark May is one of the lead stories on the daytime edition of SportsCenter and the lead story on First Take, you know it's one of the most painful news cycles in ESPN's history.  This is the ESPN echo chamber at its most obnoxious and self-aggrandizing.  One of ESPN's more abrasive, troll-happy personalities (May) says something completely over-the-top and ridiculous (fire the GMs) about a notable figure ESPN beats to death already (Te'o) and the ESPN echo chamber regurgitates it, recycles it, and then spits it out all masqueraded as news.  It's reminiscent of Merril Hoge trying to make a name for himself by being the lead crusader against Tim Tebow.  Not only can we now debate Manti Te'o, we can debate Mark May's debateable comments on Manti Te'o!  Bleh.

By the way, here's what one of ESPN's most respected voices has to say about the matter:

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