Mark May must have not gotten the memo about ESPN's social media guidelines.  After calling Doug Gottlieb a "JACKWAGON" and expressing his desire to inflict physical pain on "haters" from Ohio State, May was making social media waves once again.  And once more, he continued his blood feud with the Buckeyes, calling them out for celebrating a 12-0 perfect season with rings for the players commemorating the season.  This being Mark May, his burning, seething hatred of Ohio State reads like a message board commenter… and a bad one at that…

First, can we talk about May's terrible spelling and grammar?  His timeline is a minefield of misplaced punctuation, misspellings, awkward sentences, and random capitalization. It reads like a parody account.  Even though the blue checkmark is there you seriously wonder whether or not it can be a real ESPN analyst.  We're pouring through May's archive for a collection of his best (i.e. worst) tweets, but here's just one example to whet your appetite:

But back to his ongoing obsession with Ohio State.  What traumatic experience buried deep within Mark May's past causes him to hate the Buckeyes?  Something from his childhood?  Did Woody Hayes not recruit him out of high school?  Did Kirk Herbstreit not save him a seat in the ESPN cafeteria?

With all of the crap that happens revolving around the NCAA, is rewarding those Ohio State players with a ring for a division title and a perfect season really what sends the alarm bells ringing on his "integrity meter?"  Because if it is, it says a lot more about May's vendetta than anything else.  And for the record, giving out rings to teams who didn't win a national championship is nothing new.  (Cough… PITT... cough.)  In addition, at least a couple former Ohio State players fired back at May:

Earlier this week I said the May vs OSU feud was good for a few laughs and has it ever reached a comical status.  But now I'm also beginning to think Mark May is exactly why ESPN is petrified of social media and has to send stodgy corporate memos.  He calls competitors jackwagons, kicks dirt on Bill Simmons after his Twitter suspension, happily trolls fanbases, and has incited an unruly mob of Ohio State fans to think he and ESPN have it out for them.  (And trust me, Ohio State fans don't need any help coming up with crazy conspiracy theories in thinking the world is against them.)  And all of it is done with such brazenness and poor grammar that it invites the attention, scorn and mockery of the entire internet.

Perhaps it would be in ESPN's best interest to tell Mark May to sit the next few tweets out.

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