We've chronicled the unchained, unintentional comedy of Mark May's Twitter account in these parts before.  May's Twitter account steamrolls whatever social media guidance or guidelines dished out by ESPN into some kind of glorious alternate universe.  Tuesday night May provided the Twitterverse with an amazing gift.

Mark May appeared to hack his own Twitter account.

May, who hadn't tweeted since July 22nd, suddenly unleashed a barrage of 46 random tweets Tuesday night in quick succession.  Given the chronological order of these random tweets ranging from last year's Notre Dame-USC game to bowl season and the Triple Crown, it quickly became apparent that May somehow pressed the "Send All" button in drafts.  (It's on the bottom right in Drafts on my Twitter iPhone app.  I even tried it myself last night although the results were decidedly less interesting.)  Here's a few of the best examples of the Mark May Tweet-A-Thon:

But this being Mark May's Twitter account, there's actually more tomfoolery to behold.  Either the account has become self-aware, is going through an identity crisis, or is under some kind of voodoo hex.  It took a few times to get right, but May eventually claimed it was a "vile coward" who hacked his Twitter account and they would be brought to justice.

Whose legal team is it exactly that's working on this urgent case?  ESPN?  Twitter?  Saul Goodman?  Maybe Mark May will actually pursue this case himself during the Final Verdict segment of College Football Final because he and Lou Holtz think it's a real courtroom and Rece Davis is a real judge.  

At least Mark May has learned from every other athlete or media personality by going to the default "I was hacked" excuse.  If that's true though, Mark May's Twitter hackers must be the nicest ones on the internet.  Instead of posting offensive, incendiary, or self-incriminating messages they merely posted a bunch of old, harmless drafts.

May has assured his many followers and fans that he has a new password and will be back on Thursday.  Thank goodness.  Hopefully he'll keep us updated on when he catches the real hackers.

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