As if the Manti Te'o fake dead girlfriend scandal hasn't been beaten to death enough, now Lennay Kekua has somehow landed herself on the Maxim Hot 100 list at No. 69 (of course). A fake woman made the list but Katherine Webb did not? What's up with that? How must Nina Agdal feel at No. 70 being beaten out by a woman who doesn't even exist?

First of all, who even votes in this poll?? Second of all, I hardly trust the validity of a list like this that puts Miley Cyrus as #1 and leaves out freakin' Gisele. I'm led to believe this is yet another cruel joke in the hoax that just won't die.

As Te'o tries to live this catfishing saga down, we keep finding creative ways to bring it back up in some form or another. Maybe this will be Lennay Kekua's final act. At least she'll get to go out somewhat on top.

Pic via Maxim

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