Adam Lefkoe out of WHAS in Louisville is at it again. A week after his WrestleCast went viral, Lefkoe's broadcast this past Sunday focused on Seinfeld. In thise five minute clip, Lefkoe snuck in 43 mentions to the iconic show, though I only counted 36. Some were a lot more subtle than others, but honestly, a lot of his mentions didn't feel *too* forced, especially if you're conditioned to tolerate Chris Berman's ridiculous nicknames for NFL players.

However, I am disappointed there wasn't a reference to Kruger industrial smoothing. Maybe if Paul Kruger's Browns played the Colts or Bengals, Lefkoe could have squeezed that one in there. I'm giddy waiting for his next broadcast, and genuinely curious as to what niche he visits next.

[H/T The Big Lead]

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