The almighty SEC was dealt a humbling blow in the Sugar Bowl as unfancied Big East champ Louisville dominated Florida from start to finish, winning 33-23.  Louisville wasn't given much of a chance before the game and were placed as 14 point underdogs, making it the biggest upset in BCS history. (Yes, even bigger than Boise State!)

The Cardinals certainly played the disrespect card to a tee and Louisville Head Coach Charlie Strong took the opportunity in his postgame interview to call out one of their biggest doubters, ESPN analyst David Pollack, by name.  Strong dedicated the victory to Pollack, who said Louisville would lose by 15, but it would feel like 30.

The Sugar Bowl hasn't been kind to ESPN analysts, but at least Pollack avoided the fate that met Mark May a couple years ago when scores of Ohio State fans audibly chanted "Mark May sucks" in the postgame.  Pollack certainly is a better analyst than that, and maybe in some weird way Strong's comments are a validation of his rising TV profile.  To Pollack's credit, he took it on the chin on Twitter…

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