While Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith get the majority of the negative publicity, Mark May and Lou Holtz's debates are just as obnoxious.  Especially within the context of ESPN's otherwise very good college football coverage, the presence of these pantomime segments are all the more mystifying.

The ridiculousness was taken to a whole new level Saturday night as May and Holtz debated Texas coach Mack Brown's future after another bad loss.  Holtz took the position of defending Mack Brown, because somebody's gotta do it and nobody at Longhorn Network was available for the segment.  After "judge" Rece Davis "decided" against him, Holtz went berzerk, flipping his podium over and storming off the set.  Here's the video via Lost Lettermen


Here's the real question – does anybody at ESPN think this is good television or makes the network look good?  Watching a 76 year old man throw a temper tantrum like a child seven decades his younger after a pretend trial?  It makes Mark May look like the levelheaded one!  Right now these May/Holtz segments are less effective than the Longhorn defense.

[Lost Lettermen]

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