For reasons unbeknownst to people with common sense, ESPN continues to keep the charade going between Lou Holtz and Mark May.  I've yet to see anyone say they enjoy the dynamic between the two, who are college football's version of First Take.  This weekend Holtz broke the fourth wall and called out May for his well-established bias against Ohio State.

"You've been against Ohio State as long as I've been on this show."

Nobody has ever been able to figure out the origin of May's bias against the Buckeyes, but take a step back and imagine how absurd this would be in any other context.  Here, one ESPN analyst is publicly calling into question the credibility of another analyst for his obvious biases.

Imagine Kenny Smith scolding Charles Barkley for being biased against the Chicago Bulls.

Imagine Howie Long blasting Terry Bradshaw for being biased against the Baltimore Ravens.

Imagine Lee Corso criticizing Kirk Herbstreit for having a bias against LSU.

In any other context, it would destroy viewer confidence in the analyst and the program itself.  But with May and Holtz, it's not just embraced, but celebrated.  

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