Between his ridiculous skills on the court to his humor off the court, to his ongoing battle against white guy stereotypes, Minnesota's Kevin Love is quickly becoming one of my favorite NBA players.  After the T'Wolves lost to the Clippers last night, Love also added "journalism school professor" to his repertoire.

Love got an offensive rebound and missed a tip in from right in front of the basket at the horn to tie the game leading one reporter afterwards to state the obvious to him.  Here's one of the great athlete-reporter exchanges in sports history:

Reporter: "You were able to box out there on that last sequence at least twice getting two offensive rebounds."

Love: *stares off into blank space* "That isn't a question."

Hopefully this video can begin the crusade against an era of reporters who refuse to ask thought-provoking, open ended questions and instead decide to lean on verbal crutches like "talk about" that are spreading like a nasty contagion in a prison during a zombie apocalypse.


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