On last night's Olbermann, KO named former Mets and Red Sox manager (and ESPN analyst) Bobby Valentine as his Worst Person in the World.  Sometimes that moniker carries a tongue and cheek nature, but last night was not one of those occasions.  Olbermann has been on fire since his return to sports and this lashing of Bobby V is no exception:


What's been smart about Olbermann has been his picking of spots on when to unleash the biting, unfiltered criticism that made him such a lightning rod in cable news.  When it's used every night based on partisan politics, it loses effect.  So far at ESPN2 though, Olbermann has had a more successful balance that echoes his SportsCenter and early Countdown days.  Also, it's the first "SHAME ON YOU" I've seen on Olbermann.

The best part in all of this?

Bobby V is rumored to have a role at TBS this postseason where Keith Olbermann will just happen to be anchoring.


UPDATE: Thursday night, Bobby V was Olbermann's Worst Person in the World for a second straight night:


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