John Sterling, the voice of the New York Yankees, will be the play by play man of Hallmark Channel's first ever Kitten Bowl. Playing off of the immense popularity of Super Bowl Sunday' Puppy Bowl featured on Animal Planet, the Kitten Bowl will depict kittens playing with toys, running through obstacles and simply being adorable.  

As if Sterling's presence in the booth wasn't enough, he'll be joined by Beth Stern, Howard Stern's wife. It should be an interesting duo to say the least. 

This is incredible. We warmly welcome more cute animals on TV and the addition of Sterling in the booth just sweetens the deal. We're hoping for lots of kitten related puns and some sort of feline twist on his usual "Ballgame over! Yankees win! Theeeeeeeeee Yankees win!"

If we're all really lucky, maybe Sterling will botch some sort of kitten activity as he did this routine fly by Alex Rodriguez, but we know that's a tall order. 

(H/T Newsday)

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