St. Louis native Joe Buck is a big fan of the St. Louis Blues. In fact, he's a season ticket holder. During the team's 4-1 loss to the Los Angeles Kings, Buck visited the broadcast booth to talk to St. Louis announcers John Kelly and Darren Pang.

Pang and Kelly insisted Buck try his hand at doing play-by-play for some hockey and the results were … interesting.

He admitted that he really didn't know the players on the LA Kings' roster, instead referring to them by their number. He sounded a little lost on the mic, a stark contrast compared to his regular demeanor when calling baseball. In spite of not quite knowing everything that was happening (his description of a penalty sounds more like Harry Doyle than anyone else), Buck seemed to enjoy his time in the booth.

The Fox announcer was even on hand for a goal by LA's Davis Drewiske (who he successfully identified by number) which led to a rather interesting comment by Darren Pang. As Buck prepared to leave the booth – possibly to go home considering how poor the Blues had been playing – Pang mentioned he was off to get some whiskey. Given how the game went for the St. Louis fans, we wouldn't blame any of them for indulging in a drink or two.

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