Chicago native Jim Belushi was at Monday night's Blackhawks game, and during the second intermission, got distracted from his interview by a woman participating in the team's promotional "Shoot the Puck" experience (in heels, no less).

Why Jim Belushi has to be the mascot for Chicago sports escapes me. Belushi makes some crude jokes but attempts to disguise them as hockey tips (something about leaning over the stick), while CSN's Susannah Collins tries to steer him away from that kind of talk. It's not the first time an awkward encounter has occured during "Shoot the Puck." A fan once told former CSN reporter Sarah Kustok that he loved her… on air. Come to think of it, maybe that fan is who Belushi was trying to one up instead of Joe Namath. At least Belushi didn't try to kiss anyone.

H/T CSN Chicago

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