Comedian Jerry Seinfeld will be in the Mets' broadcast booth on SNY for the team's game on Tuesday against the San Francisco Giants. Seinfeld will join Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, Ron Darling, and Bobby Ojeda in the booth, and according to Hernandez, there's not going to be any holding back.

“We just let him run, because he’s funny,” says Hernandez. “People want to hear what he has to say and his sense of humor comes out, so it’s our job just to step out of the way."

There's really nothing left for the Mets to play for this year aside from draft positioning. Stars Matt Harvey and David Wright are both out of action, and the team has already clinched another losing record and has been eliminated from playoff contention. Maybe Seinfeld will lose his mind when Lucas Duda goes 0/4 with three strikeouts.

Let's be honest: maybe this will make the game more watchable. If you're someone who's going to be watching the game anyway, you're not tuning out just because Seinfeld will be in the booth. If you weren't going to watch before, maybe Seinfeld's presence will mkae you change your mind. I have no issues with terrible teams going in a different direction at the end of their seasons to make games more entertaining for the viewer at home.

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