Florida State easily dispatched of Duke 212-0 (final score may not be accurate) in the ACC Championship Game, so the biggest news from the game came afterward.  Heather Cox interviewed FSU QB Jameis Winston and pressed the Heisman frontrunner about no charges being brought against him in a sexual assault investigation.  After the fourth question about the investigation, Winston simply walked away as FSU officials appeared to have intervened.

The reaction to Cox's tough questioning has bordered on the ridiculous.  Seminole fans were berating Cox on Twitter and Winston's lawyer even said her interview was "unprofessional."  You would think Heather Cox was some kind of monster for merely asking questions.

Was the postgame interview tough?  Absoultely.  And it should have been.  This has been arguably the biggest news story in the sport and the QB has largely been silent throughout the matter.  Cox is a journalist first and foremost, and I respect her asking tough questions that might ruffle some feathers.  It was a lot more professional than the state attorney's press conference yuk fest about the case.

UPDATE: Cox spoke at length about the interview with SI's Richard Deitsch.

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