With the NHL season well underway we're way overdue in checking in on one of our favorite local announcers – Boston Bruins play by play man Jack Edwards.  Let's spin the Jack Edwards Wheel of Insanity and see where we land…

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Crazed Twitter rant it is!  We just narrowly missed out on another Sirhan Sirhan reference.

Jacko had to take his unique stylings and unfiltered opinions to social media tonight with the Bruins-Sabres game on NBCSN.  Early on in the third period, John Scott of the Sabres laid out Loui Eriksson of the Bruins with a blow to the head at center ice.  Here's the video:


Clearly a terrible hit and precisely the type of collision the league is trying to stamp out.  It's indefensible to be quite honest.  This being Jack Edwards, not only is he going to ferociously criticize Scott, but he's going to make an uncomfortable prison joke about soap on a rope.  Were he actually calling the game on NESN, who knows what he could have said.  He may have gone out onto the ice and handled business himself.

The really odd thing about this rant is that while Jacko is fired up and in a ranting mood, he's going to take a shot at Doc Emrick for good measure!  Announcing blasphemy!

I don't know why we have to bring Doc Emrick and his pronunciation of Bruins players into this, but it's pretty clear nobody is safe from Jack Edwards when he goes all Mr. Hyde, not even Hall of Fame broadcasters.  Even better than Jacko's tweets though are the ones from his wife Lisa about him yelling at the television set.

The least of John Scott's worries should be Brendan Shanahan, lest Jack Edwards take justice into his own hands like a modern day version of the Boondock Saints.  It's possible.