Scores of Big 12 fans already think the league is in the tank for cash cow Texas and last night just provided more ammunition to the conspiracy theorists.  In ESPN's Thursday night game, Iowa State was royally screwed by a terrible replay decision.  Leading 30-24 and defending their own goalline, replay clearly showed ISU's Jeremiah George stripping the ball from Texas RB Johnathan Gray.  However, the officials upheld the ruling on the field that Gray was down.  Texas scored 2 plays later and Iowa State lost by a point.

That led to this very animated press conference from an irate Cyclones head coach Paul Rhoads, who gave us one of the most epic opening statements in college football.  Rhoads was incensed over the replay decision and told the press how proud he was of his players and how vehemently he disagreed with the replay decision.

I remember Sam Ponder telling me in a podcast that her favorite interview in college football was Paul Rhoads and you can see why in this press conference.  I'm SO PROUD of the effort put forward by Paul Rhoads in this press conference.