Retired linebacker Channing Crowder has a very odd admission he felt compelled to share with NFL Films, who was doing an obscure trivia segment for NFL Films Presents. While I was happy to learn that Eli Manning juggles, Peyton gleeks, Mike Tomlin was a Geography prodigy growing up, Jeff Fisher can't hear out of his right ear, and LaRon Landry has a pet monkey inspired by Ace Ventura, what really stole the show was Crowder's response below.

Every game? Would it just happen once a game? Maybe once a half? Did opposing players ever figure it out and talk smack about this obscure trivia? Did you do this in college as well? How about practice?  Do you think Richie Incognito would have bullied you if you were still on the Dolphins because of this fact?

Obviously, I'm not satisfied with the mere 42 seconds that were spent on this subject. Perhaps A Football Life episode can be dedicated to Crowder given that episodes are now featuring active players and things like the forward pass.

Also, I totally get this. I'm not hydrating like a professional athlete and have about a .500 batting average on using the bathroom versus holding it at movies. Obviously missing a scene of The Best Man's Holiday is a little less important than you know, playing in the NFL. Perhaps Crowder can team with Tony Siragusa as a fellow pitch man?

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