This is Tim McCarver's last World Series for Fox and the career retrospectives have been flowing this week.  With just a couple games left in his lengthy baseball announcing career, we just have to feature one more McCarverism from the longtime Fox analyst.

Here's McCarver trying to explain the obstruction rule that resulted in the Cardinals winning Game 3 on Saturday night during Game 4.  Once you listen the first time, play it backwards and see if there might be any hidden messages that actually sync to Dark Side of the Moon:

Crystal clear.  That wasn't all though.  Readers tweeted us the following quotes from McCarver from Game 4 of the World Series…

"This Red Sox team is teeming with team players."

"Outfield in a no-doubles defense. The strategy is to prevent the double."

"Catch it before it hits the ground."

Great advice for any aspiring young baseball players out there watching the World Series, if in fact there are any aspiring young baseball players watching the World Series instead of football or The Walking Dead.

"Every time he shakes his head yes or no, he throws a fastball."

"As leaves change in New England, so does the score."

Tim McCarver's going to write a book of poetry when he retires, isn't he?