The Broncos play the Ravens in Denver in this season's opening game and sports talk radio hosts in the cities are dueling to see who can be the most immature.  You see, Broncos fans are upset the league is using pictures of Ravens QB Joe Flacco on the stadium and around town to promote the game.

Denver host and CBS 4 sportscaster Vic Lombardi has apparently taken it upon himself to deface the posters.  Pointless, but ultimately harmless, right?  In response, Baltimore host Glenn Clark of WSNT invited Lombardi onto his show to have a civil, adult conversation about the matter, having respect for all sides of the discussion.

Or not.

What unfolded was nearly 8 minutes of the ugliest radio you will ever hear.  This isn't a fight for entertainment purposes that's actually fun to listen to.  This even surpasses the wretched staged debate of shows like First Take.  This speeds into the realm of actually feeling sorry for both of these guys.

Here's the audio via Deadspin

Let's go through the highlights…

1) Two grown men arguing about the grown men behavior of covering up posters.

2) Two grown men arguing about what city the game is being played in.

3)  Two grown men arguing about which one is the bigger douche.

4) Two grown men arguing about which one is the bigger adult.

5) Two grown men arguing about a game that was played 7 months ago.

6) Two grown men arguing about which city has the most crime and throwing The Wire and the Aurora shooting in the face of the other.

7) Two grown men embarrassing not just themselves, but sports and humanity.


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