Olbermann has been off to a stop-start beginning thanks to shuffling timeslots and the host being away on TBS Postseason duties, but the show is quickly becoming one of the best in sports and a legitimate late night alternative to SportsCenter.  Keith Olbermann is certainly rejuvenated and refreshed and he's striking the right balance between the intensity of his political days and the wit of his sports days.  Last night Olby dedicated an essay to the precipitous drop of World Series ratings.  

His reasoning?  Baseball simply isn't a national sport like the NFL and doesn't have franchises that draw national interest aside from perhaps the Yankees.  It's true of course, Super Bowls with markets like Indianapolis and New Orleans can set ratings records.  But baseball isn't the only sport that has this problem, it's every sport but the NFL that has to depend on popular franchises or superstars and big markets to drive ratings.  If you doubt that, check the Oilers-Hurricanes and Spurs-Pistons ratings.  It's just that baseball fell much further to get to this point.

Also, bonus points for any television segment that includes Boston's mayor talking about bringing the World Series Cup back home.

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