Out of all the new shows Fox Sports 1 will launch in the coming days, Regis Philbin's Crowd Goes Wild is the one with the greatest unpredictability (especially now that we know Regis may not be in for the long haul).  When you try to manufacture your own irreverence with a cast as random as purple monkey dishwashers, there's a great "dumpster fire" potential.  However, there is also a very small window for CGW that can hit the mark, find the right balance, and make it a success.

This clip gives me some hope it could actually be the latter.

Watch as Katie Nolan (formerly of Guyism) and tennis player turned comedian Michael Kosta debate… themselves in a segment called "Pardon the Contradiction."  There's a nice punch to the kidneys right at PTI in the same timeslot!

This clear mockery of ESPN's "Embrace Debate" format is actually quite funny.  Fox should be releasing more videos like this to promote FS1's launch.  This is way more fun than those tens of thousands of promos telling me how much fun I'm going to have watching the new network.