The NHL has announced that they will hold the 2014 Winter Classic on January 1st, 2014 at Michigan Stadium (the Big House). With the announcement that the beloved outdoor game will return in 2014 comes the announcement that HBO will also be bringing back the Emmy-winning program 24/7 to document the weeks leading up to the big contest. 

Specifics haven't yet been released, but "24/7 Red Wings / Maple Leafs: Road to the Winter Classic" will air on HBO during the month of December. 

The announcement that NHL 24/7 is returning might have excited fans more than the announcement of the game itself. In the past, the series has given hockey fans an unprecedented look behind the scenes, offering a truly fascinating look into the world of hockey. We've seen Bruce Boudreau give a very NSFW speech to a deflated Washington Capitals dressing room. And we've seen Ilya Bryzgalov give some rather odd insights on the universe

What unforgettable moments will the Red Wings-Maple Leafs edition provide? We'll have to wait and see, but it's safe to assume we'll find out Pavel Datsyuk really is some sort of wizard. 

(H/T NY Times)

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