Monday night we spotlighted the contrast in walk off calls between a depressed Hawk Harrelson and jubilant Tom Hamilton after Jason Giambi's walk off winner for the Tribe.

Wouldn't you know Wednesday night it happened again.  This time Carlos Santana hit the game winning home run in extra innings for Cleveland in a 6-5 victory.

Let's get the bad news out of the way first.  Here's another little piece of Hawk Harrelson's insides dying.  The Hawk Silence-O-Meter gets up to an impressive 51 seconds!

The funny thing about this White Sox walk off loss is the calm and measured tone from the Hawk.  There's no sighs.  There's no "dad gum it" or "you've gotta be bleepin me."  It's like this Indians series and crushing walkoff defeats have pushed him to the brink of acceptance.

And now for the good news, here's how the same play sounded on WTAM.  You'll notice a slightly different vibe from the home broadcast booth.  Another example of why Tom Hamilton has the best walkoff call in the business…

For what it's worth, Hamilton went silent for 20 seconds for his call to let the crowd tell part of the story.  One of these days in the interest of fairness we'll have to do a post contrasting the calls when the White Sox beat the Indians in walkoff fashion… but I'm guessing it wouldn't be quite as fun.  Unless you're a White Sox fan I suppose.

H/T 1480Bridge, JoshMLowe