Hawk Harrelson

For once, we offer you a post about Hawk Harrelson that isn't relentlessly mocking him. The White Sox broadcaster will be featured on a MLB Network documentary entitled The Colorful Life of Ken Harrelson, debuting at 6:30 PM on July 18th.

The documentary will be narrated by Bob Costas (of course), and explore Harrelson's career in and out of the baseball stadium. For example, Harrelson is a former pro golfer, and he also once talked with Rocky Marciano about being put in a boxing match against Sonny Liston. It's probably the best for Hawk that the fight didn't happen.

Yeah, Harrelson has become a parody of himself in the broadcast booth at US Cellular Field and all of the other stadiums across baseball. But there's really no denying that he's an interesting, colorful character, and this documentary might actually provide us with a different view of the man who nearly all of us roll our eyes at on a routine basis.

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