There's a chance Aaron Maybin's pro football career is over, but at least his departing appearance on HBO's Hard Knocks could set him up for a whole new profession.

Maybin was released by the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, but before that happened he had a chance to introduce HBO's audience to his hobby. During Tuesday's episode, we saw the former first-round pick working on two paintings. And apparently that's paying dividends.

From TMZ:

In fact, after the show … Maybin tells TMZ his online gallery had “one of, if not THE biggest nights” of sales he’s ever seen.

AM says he was bummed out that his release from the team was televised — telling us, "I turned my phone off last night, I just didn’t want to talk to anyone.” But when he turned it back on, Aaron says he was bombarded with messages from people asking how to get their hands on his artwork.

Maybin says he's feeling much better about his future today — saying, "Regardless of whatever happens football-wise, I'm probably gonna make more money in my art career."

Dude could have a point — we're told some of Aaron's pieces have sold for up to $20,000.

Maybin was an 11th overall pick in 2009 but he had just six sacks in four years with Buffalo Bills and New York Jets and couldn't catch on in Cincinnati. So the whole "sack artist" thing didn't pan out, but maybe Maybin can still become a real artist… and have Hard Knocks to thank for it.


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