Gregg Popovich is known for being less than forthcoming with the media, especially during sideline interviews.  However, after a crushing loss with a fifth NBA title escaping his grasp in a Game 6 OT defeat, Pop was in no mood to sit through his postgame press conference.  While thankfully avoiding the John Tortorella zone, Pop was able to work in a bit of dry, biting sarcasm in his answers to some obscure, random questions after Game 6.  If you're going to ask Gregg Popovich questions, best to avoid tired cliches about being tired and "coming with intensity."  Here's the full transcript via ASAP Sports

Q.  How did you guys lose the game, was it the turnovers?  It was veteran guys getting tired?  A mix of it? 
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:  It was a helluva game.  It was a helluva game.  It was an overtime game.  It's a game of mistakes.  And they ended up on the winning side. 

Q.  Did you take into consideration fouling up by three with the final seconds of regulation? 
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:  That's a European question, right? 

Q.  Yes.  We usually do in Italy and Europe, anyways. 
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:  Right.  We don't. 

Q.  Coach, what do you do for Game 7?  How do you get your guys into Game 7? 
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:  Get them on a bus, it arrives at the ramp over here, we get off the bus, we get on the court and we play.  That's how we get ready. 

Q.  Coach, after this disappointing loss, how angry or how fired up do you think you guys will come with greater intensity?  Because you guys had the lead and it was basically in the bag. 
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:  So what's your question?  You want to know how angry we'll be? 

Q.  Yes.  How much more intensity?  That was your championship. 
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:  We were very intense, and so was Miami.  And I don't have any problem with our intensity. 

Q.  As far as Tim, was Tim tired?  Because you look like you held him out fora point where it looked like he was dominating.  Could you explain Tim's fatigue?  How is he doing? 
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:  Tim is no more tired than anybody else. 

Q.  Coach, could you talk about the impact Chris Andersen had today. 
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:  Chris is a real aggressive active player.  And he does his best to play D and rebound and always does a pretty good job. 

I laughed at that Chris Andersen question after his 1 point in 14 minutes last night.  If the Spurs lose Game 7 I can't wait for someone to ask Pop what he would have done to defend Udonis Haslem differently or if he should have played Tracy McGrady more.

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