I'm starting to notice a correlation with Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich and his in-game interviews.  It seems like the better the Spurs are doing, the less Pop wants to say.  With the Spurs trouncing the Heat in their Game 3 blowout, ESPN's Doris Burke asked her mandated two questions of Pop at the end of the 3rd quarter.  After a downright talkative performance earlier in the series, Pop's answers were less than forthcoming including an "I can't tell you that" when asked about the team's defense on LeBron James.

This isn't a derisive no comment from Pop because he'd rather be standing in the middle of a geyser, but rather a no comment out of respect for Burke's detailed question.  That wasn't one Pop could give a yes or no or standard cliche and walk away.  That required some actual thinking!

With Games 2 and 3 morphing into blowouts, it's becoming clear the most compettive battle in this series is Doris Burke vs Gregg Popovich.  The sideline reporter is at the top of her game in this clip and took her own 2-1 lead in the series last night.

Video via Point Forward

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