We're on our quest to definitively name the greatest announcing call in the history of sports.  We started with a list of 64 (the top 32 of which were seeded) that will be narrowed down to 1 at the end of the month that will earn the greatest of all-time title thanks to your votes.  Each day will bring a list of new matchups as we march our way through the tournament.  Round 1 is in the books and you can view the full results here.  This week will see us complete Round 2.  

Yesterday's winners from the Gowdy bracket…

1) Miracle on Ice vs Jim Marshall's wrong way run

4) Manchester City's title winner vs 5) MJ over Ehlo

The best of Gus Johnson vs 6) Music City Miracle

Abby Wambach saves the USA's life vs 7) Holy Buckeye 

Today brings us to the McKay bracket, here's Wednesday's Matchups…

1) Jack Buck calls Kirk Gibson's home run vs 8) Olympic swimming thriller

4) Bill Buckner's error vs 5) Tiger's chip in

3) The Goal of the Century vs Jackie Smith's drop

2) Vin Scully calls Kirk Gibson's home run vs Good ol' JR

Polls and videos after the jump…

1) "I don't believe what I just saw!"

Kirk Gibson's home run in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series is such a famous moment it has the top two seeds in the McKay bracket, and with all-time great announcers like Jack Buck and Vin Scully it should be no surprise.  Buck's call of the remarkable moment earned a 1 seed with one of the most famous lines in sports. "I don't believe what I just saw."


8) "Here comes Lezak!"

One of the most underrated exciting moments in recent sports history is Jason Lezak's comeback to win a gold medal at the 2008 Olympics in the 4×100 freestyle relay for the USA (and Michael Phelps, naturally).  But what really made the moment memorable is Dan Hicks and Rowdy Gaines losing their minds over the thrilling comeback.


4) "It gets through Buckner!"

A baseball rolling through the legs of Bill Buckner has been replayed ten million times.  Each time you think he may actually corral it and each time you hear Vin Scully's stunned reaction.  Scully's call not just for that play, but throughout the Mets comeback shows why he's an all time great behind the mic.  

5) "In your LIFE!"

Uncle Verne makes another appearance in the tournament field from his perch in the 16th tower at Augusta.  This chip in by Tiger Woods in the 2005 Masters is a memorable Masters moment made all the better by Verne's call.


3) "Barrilete cosmico!"

You know it has to be an epic for a Spanish language call to make it into a decisively English language tournament for the greatest announcing moment of all-time.  Hugo Morales earns a spot with his call of Diego Maradona's Goal of the Century in the 1986 World Cup.  And for those of you non-bilingual speakers, the awesome translation is below.


…passes the ball to Diego, now Maradona with the ball, two people on him, Maradona touches the ball, the genius of soccer heads to the right, and leaves the third and passes to Burruchaga… Always Maradona! Genius! Genius! Genius! ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta… GOAL!! GOAL!!! I am going to cry! Oh, my God! How beautiful soccer is! What a goal! Diego! Maradona! I am crying, forgive me please…. Maradona, with a memorable run, with the most beautiful play of all time…. cosmic podge…. which planet are you from? You let it seem so easy, and the whole country is a closed fist, is screaming for Argentina… Argentina 2 – England 0… Diegoal, Diegoal, Diego Armando Maradona… Thank God, for soccer, for Maradona, for these tears, for this.  

"Bless his heart he's got to be the sickest man in America."

The third call from Verne Lundquist comes from way back in Super Bowl XIII when he was the voice of the Dallas Cowboys.  The Cowboys trailed by 7 in the 3rd Quarter when Roger Staubach fond Jackie Smith wide open in the endzone.  Smith dropped the pass, the Cowboys settled for a field goal, and lost by 4.  Verne painted quite the portrait of the misery the future Hall of Famer felt in that moment.

"As God is my witness, he is broken in half!"

Ok, so it's debatable whether or not a clip from "sports entertainment" belongs in our list. But is there any doubt that this call by Jim Ross is one of the Top 64 of all-time in various fields of athletic endeavor? Deadspin just commemorated the 15th anniversary of Mick Foley being tossed off the top of the cell by the Undertaker. And the call by good ol' J.R. has become its own internet meme played over dozens of highlight reel plays! How could it not be included in our tournament?

2) "The impossible has happened!"

The second call from Kirk Gibson's 1988 World Series home run in the McKay bracket comes from Vin Scully, and it's just as good as Jack Buck's call which is the 1 seed in this region.  Just listen as Vin steps away for a minute and lets the moment breathe before coming back with an amazing call.


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