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Ed Note: The following appears courtesy thecomeback.com's NBA blog Crossover Chronicles and Managing Editor Philip Rossman-Reich.

One of the stalwarts of 1990s basketball will be making a comeback starting this season with at least one familiar host.

Grant Hill will join an Atlanta broadcaster for the rebirth of the wildly popular NBA Inside Stuff beginning Nov. 2 on NBATV. No Ahmad Rashad will not be returning, but the candid off-court features of life in the NBA, NBA Jam Session highlight reels and Rewind sections.

We will have to wait and see who Grant Hill's "main man" will be.

You have an opportunity to have some fun, highlight the individuals, their stories, have access to a lot of these great players,” Grant Hill told Brian Mahoney of the Associated Press. “Hopefully, the audience will enjoy it, too.

Hill retired this summer after a 19-year career in the NBA with the Pistons, Magic, Suns and Clippers. The first part of his career was simply sublime with Hill putting up Hall of Fame caliber numbers. Then ankle injuries prevented Hill from realizing that potential.

Through it all, Hill remained a very affable guy. And he proved in announcing his retirement during an Eastern Conference Finals game in Indianapolis, he could have a very successful broadcast career. He was a natural for the camera. And he will be contributing to NBATV and TNT broadcast shows throughout the year too.

But the return of NBA Inside Stuff is great news for NBA fans. The show was incredibly popular and was the source of great video clips and memories throughout the 1990s — watch NB90s on NBATV right now if you do not believe me.


The NBA has seen its largest uptick in talent since Michael Jordan's time. It seems like the perfect time to bring back NBA Inside Stuff and feature the personalities of these young superstars of today.

As a child of the 90s, I know I will be watching.

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