College football announcer (and Richard Deitsch draft pick) Gary Danielson went on CBS Sports Network yesterday and argued against the merits of up tempo offense.  One of his arguments was a hope that football doesn't become "soccer with football helmets on" whatever that means.

Danielson also said exciting, high scoring, high tempo offense isn't great for fans because "the fan likes the huddle."  His argument is using that time for replays and arguing and grabbing beers… but isn't that what the milieu of commercials are for?  Who in the history of earth has ever watched a football game and said to themselves, "Wow, what a great huddle!"

Here's more things Gary Danielson thinks the fan enjoys:

1) Medics treating flopping soccer players

2) Visits to the mound

3) Managers arguing with umpires

4) 20 second timeouts

5) The dreaded commercial-touchback-commercial.  Fans LOVE those.

We have our Pammies frontrunner for Week 1.

H/T Smart Football

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