A disgruntled Clevland Browns fan recently posted a job on Craigslist: for a new starting QB.


Have you played pro football?" asks the ad that 22-year-old Seth Pae, a graduate student at DePaul, took credit for posting. "College ball? High school? Pee-wee?

"Have you played Madden before? Do you know some of the rules of football? If yes, keep reading."

And if no?

"… well also keep reading!" the ad reads. "We will take ANYONE!"

This is what happens with the Browns, a team that has used 19 starting quarterbacks since 1999 and is regularly the butt of jokes locally and nationally.

While it looks like the original ad has been taken down, we have to appreciate the way Pae has chosen to release some frustrations with his team. The ironic thing about him saying they'll take anyone is that they already pretty much have. (Ken Dorsey, anyone? Tim Couch? Spurgeon Wynn?)

The ad continues:

"If you're sick of seeing desperation heaves to the sidelines, countless sacks after superb coverage, and underhanded lightly tossed interceptions in the fourth quarter then please come apply!" the ad reads. "If you can throw a ball, come apply! If you can't, come anyway! We can teach you the basics … throwing the ball to the guy who has the same color shirt as you. Throwing the ball reasonably close to a receiver (who is) WIDE OPEN, throwing the ball more than (three) yards on third and 16."

Oof. Poor Brandon Weeden. You can't blame frustrated Browns fans, after all they've been through the last decade this play was enough to send them over the edge. (GIF via Buzzfeed)



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