ESPN and Outside the Lines have been all over the Biogenesis suspensions since we were still learning what exactly Biogenesis was.  With the suspensions looming like a dark, stagnant cloud for the past week and longer, it was a huge shock that ESPN didn't get the scoop on the list of names of players who were suspended.

Two important things about this screengrab – 1) TJ Quinn's beard is better than ever.  And of course 2) ESPN crediting Fox Sports by name on air.  ESPN's crediting of outside outlets has always fallen under heavy criticism, but they've got much, much better in the last year in the sourcing department.  Even the "ESPN & Media Reports" label is an improvement over copying and pasting others' stories with "sources."

Still though, it's a big victory for Fox and Ken Rosenthal to get this scoop and great timing considering FS1 launches in less than 2 weeks.  Maybe Fox should reconsider how heavily Fox Sports 1 values "jockularity" over investigative reporting.