A month into their launch, Fox Sports 1 is already mixing up their programming schedule.

Starting on Monday, NASCAR Race Hub is being expanded to an hour, beginning at 4 PM, throughout the Chase. Fox Soccer Daily is being moved up a half hour to 3:30. The scheduling of Fox Sports Live is also changing, as a rerun of Fox Football Daily is now airing at midnight following the 11 PM edition of Fox Sports Live. After a 1 AM version of the show, Fox Sports 1 is airing reruns of programming throughout the early hours of the morning until 6 AM, when the Fox Sports Live replays resume.

I can definitely understand the need for change, judging from how awful some of the ratings for Fox Soccer Daily and the early morning editions of Fox Sports Live have been. And why not go all-in with more coverage of football, NASCAR, and UFC, which have continually delivered early viewership numbers for Fox Sports 1?

Yet, I think it's telling that changes are already happening. The men and women at Fox aren't resting on their laurels and standing by the "well, we're still a growing network" line of thinking. They're at least trying to shift focus to what their viewers are watching and what's been working so far, something that networks like NBCSN and CBS Sports Network have been slower to do in their existence. 

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