Just like we all have imagined, Fox has been awarded the rights to broadcast golf's US Open for a period of 12 years starting in 2015 according to a report from Sports Business Journal. The deal with the USGA also includes the US Senior Open, US Women's Open, and the USGA's national amateur championships.

Fox getting into the golf business is an odd, but understandable, course of action. NBC, ESPN, and Golf Channel will lose their rights following next year's Open at Pinehurst. NBC has broadcasted the Open since 1995, and before that, the Open was found on ABC for 30 years. 

Pending the details of the deal and assignment of broadcasters, I think this is a huge win for not only Fox, but also for golf fans. CBS, NBC, ESPN, and TNT have largely had a very stale approach to covering tournaments throughout the years, and a fresh broadcaster onto the scene could do a great job at livening things up. All we ask is that Joe Buck and Gus Johnson stay far away from the broadcast. Both have their strengths and weaknesses as broadcasters, but I think either would be a disaster covering golf.

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