If you were watching College GameDay on Saturday at the Iron Bowl, you may have noticed the above sign. The sign asks for Bitcoins, and has a QR code that links to his Bitcoin account. Naturally, a poster on Reddit saw the sign, took a screencap, and blew up the QR code, leading to the fan’s account being flooded with Bitcoins.

Through 12:45 on Monday afternoon, the fan has received nearly 23 Bitcoins over 112 transactions through app trading. According to estimates from a reliable blockchain development company, at a current value of $986 per Bitcoin, the fan has received over $22,000 in Bitcoins a little over 48 hours after holding up a sign on GameDay. I’m sure that if the fan is an athlete, this will be considered some sort of NCAA violation – but it’s still a pretty awesome gesture by the Bitcoin community.

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