Tonight ESPN will cross a new frontier in the realm of sports broadcasting.  A new day that will dawn across America.  A new sun that will rise over the horizon.  A new… you get the idea.  For the first time beginning today, ESPN will offer live coverage of a cult favorite – the Crossfit Games.

What are the Crossfit Games exactly?  After watching in dumbstruck awe a few times, I've surmised that it's something created solely to make your self-esteem about your own physical fitness crater even further than it already has.  Here's the announcement from ESPN

"CrossFit, Inc. and ESPN announced today that ESPN2 will present the first-ever live telecast of the CrossFit Games Finals from the StubHub Center in Carson, Calif., July 28 at 7 p.m. ET. The finals will also be available via WatchESPN.

In addition, ESPN3 — in its third consecutive year of CrossFit Games coverage — will present at least 30 hours of live action Friday, July 26 – Sunday, July 28. Each day, ESPN3 will have at least nine hours of the key challenges, along with analysis, highlights and athlete interviews."  

It's fantastic to see another entry from our list of ESPN Alternative Sports Power Rankings get a boost in coverage.  It really is the modern day version of the World's Strongest Man competition.  ESPN is harkening back to their heyday in recent weeks by airing more alternative sports like slow pitch softball and the Crossfit Games to get us through the summer months.

If you've never seen the Crossfit Games, you should at least watch out of curiosity.  Seeing men and women do 100 pull ups, 50 squats, run 500 meters, do 100 more pull ups, and then wrestle a grizzly bear in the time it takes to devour a pint of ice cream is quite the spectacle.


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