The ESPN Digital Media team has a lot to be proud of after a month of September which saw a record 72.7 million unique visitors. The total represents a new record of unique visitors in a month for a property within the sports category. ESPN dominated the scene in September as they were responsible for 30% of all sports category usage. 

As if the numbers above aren't impressive enough, ESPN's 72.7 figure beat out Yahoo! Sports!, NBC Sports Network, and the NFL Internet Group – combined. 

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of ESPN's record is the number of users which visited ESPN's mobile properties. ESPN hosted 47.4 million visitors on their mobile sites during the month of September. These users spent 3.2 billion (yes, billion with a B) minutes on all ESPN mobile properties. 

Curious how much time the average visitor spent on one of ESPN's sites in September? Try 100.3 minutes per user. 

Have you ever stopped and considered how many mobile notifications ESPN has sent out? A lot. To be precise, they sent out 4.1 billion alerts in September – a mark which is 70% higher compared to their total from September of 2012. 

In summary, a lot of people are digesting sports coverage and a huge number of them are getting their fix through ESPN. A huge number of individuals visited ESPN's properties on their mobile device (36%) which should be a statistic advertisers take note of. It's also safe to say that the folks over at Fox, NBC and all of the other major sports outlets have a lot of work to do if they hope to take over ESPN on the digital front, let alone on television and elsewhere. 

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