You can now add "Doesn't play nicely with the microphone of others" to Bud Selig's glittering legacy as MLB commissioner.  During the postgame ceremony after last night's Red Sox victory over the Cardinals to clinch the World Series, Uncle Bud joined Erin Andrews for the trophy presentation.  And he wanted her microphone all to himself.  Why?  Probably because it was in the best interests of baseball.  Or maybe she made him mad by calling him "Allan."

Here in this first shot Bud tries to take the mic to launch some kind of soliloquy, but EA holds firm:

And then the two have another microphone fight.  This time, Selig finally wins the battle and the look on Andrews' face is one of priceless bemusement…

Is that really a gentlemanly way to handle the postgame interview?  If the Cardinals weren't too busy mourning their World Series defeat, I'm sure they'd complain about Uncle Bud not acting in The Cardinal Way.TM

(via cjzero, RecordsandRadio)

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